ALPHA Coin Price

Alpha Venture DAO ALPHA

ALPHA Coin Price

24h High$0.12610
24h Low$0.10337
Market Cap$91,387,320
24h Volume$18,976,426+43.15%
Circulating Supply
750,000,000 ALPHA75%
Total Supply1,000,000,000
Max Supply1,000,000,000

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ALPHA Coin Price

24H Low$0.10337
24H High$0.12610

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What is Alpha Venture DAO (ALPHA) ?

Alpha Finance Lab's native token is known as ALPHA, and more than 20% of its circulating supply is staked, with a current value of $52.3 million. More on ALPHA coin price will be discussed later in the article. Alpha Finance Lab is a network of Defi products and solutions that are compatible. They are only focused on the DeFi area and seek to deliver maximum profits to DeFi consumers with little risk. Alpha Finance Lab performs market research to uncover unmet market demand in order to maximize returns. Following that, they launch items to meet market demand. They have received investment from some of the most well-known brands in the cryptocurrency business, including Defiance Capital, MultiCoin Capital, and The Spartan Group. Follow the official Alpha finance Twitter account for any updates in the upcoming future!

Alpha Finance Lab's initial product was Binance Smart Chain-based Alpha Lending. It is a decentralized lending system in which interest rates are adjusted algorithmically, resulting in systematic ALPHA coin price governance.

ALPHA Coin Price

ALPHA coin price listing as of 21 July 2021 is at $0.49797 against BNB. Alpha Finance coin experiences high volatility just like any other cryptocurrency price prediction, thus, is quite hard to achieve. However, the method that is often used by traders to predict the future price of a token, such as ALPHA cryptocurrency, is by looking at its price history on a chart. You can check ALPHA coin chart live price on ARKEN.

ALPHA's maximum quantity is 1,000,000,000 and its current circulating supply is 250,153,035.

What Issue Does Alpha Finance Lab Address?

Alpha Finance Lab is looking to address two key issues:

The majority of DeFi products are based on Ethereum, which limits the expansion of DeFi protocols owing to Ethereum's well-documented scalability concerns. It also prohibits DeFi customers from taking use of the low-fee features of other popular blockchain networks.

Another issue afflicting the DeFi ecosystem is the lack of liquidity on decentralized exchanges, which leads to increased price volatility on DEXes. It discourages many new users from preferring decentralized exchanges over centralized ones.

Alpha Finance attempts to address these challenges by bridging the gap between what DeFi consumers desire and what is available on the market. Essentially, they are constructing an ecosystem of DeFi products that will function in tandem to provide maximum profits to their consumers while reducing risk. Their DeFi solutions will also attract new users by addressing common DeFi issues, increasing DeFi adoption rates.

Alpha Finance Lab's Product Development Process

Alpha Finance Lab uses a two-step approach to create unique and creative DeFi solutions. First, they do extensive study to identify the most significant issues in DeFi. In the second stage, they assess market demand for a solution to the problem discovered during their original study.

They continue to brainstorm after assessing market need to discover a product or solution to the problem in order to capture market demand. The Alpha Finance Lab team then performs simulations to validate ideas, which also aids in the introduction of user-friendly and creative DeFi solutions.

Products from Alpha Finance Lab

Alpha Lending
Alpha Lending is a pool-based decentralized lending system that will be launched in September 2020. You may become a lender and borrow from Alpha Lending's pooled fund.

To become a lender on Alpha Lending, you must deposit supported assets on the protocol, which is then put into a smart contract that displays the total amount of liquidity available for assets in the pooled fund. You will get interest-bearing altokens in a quantity equivalent to the supported cryptocurrency you submitted to the Alpha Lending protocol after depositing supported assets.

To borrow from the liquidity pool, you must first deposit collateral assets such as BNB and other supported assets. The amount you may borrow from the protocol is determined by the collateral asset's Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio. The LTV ratio changes depending on the type of collateral used. BNB, for example, has an LTV ratio of 75%. That is, if you deposit BNB as collateral, you will get 75% of the current value of the BNB money you deposited as a loan.

Alpha Homora
Alpha Homora is available in two versions: Alpha Homora V1 and Alpha Homora V2. The Alpha Homora V1 is accessible on the Ethereum blockchain as well as the Binance Smart Chain. Alpha Homora was the first Ethereum-based platform to allow DeFi users to take leveraged positions in yield farming.

Alpha Finance Lab's Alpha Homora is a cutting-edge product. It provides Ethereum and BNB lenders with the potential to earn greater interest rates. It also allows yield farmers to get greater yield farming benefits by taking leveraged yield farming positions.

The Alpha Homora V2 version was released on February 1st, 2021, expanding the functionality of Alpha Homora V1. Users of Alpha Homora V2 can take leveraged yield farming positions on Uniswap, Balancer, Curve, and SushiSwap. It provides up to 9X leverage on a range of assets, including ETH and stablecoins.

At the time of writing, the total value locked in Alpha Homora is more than $1.139 billion, with Ethereum-based Alpha Homora V1 accounting for more than $683 million in locked-in money and BSC-based Alpha Homora accounting for more than $153 million. Alpha Homora V2, on the other hand, has nearly $302 million in locked-in capital.

AlphaX will be released in 2021. Users will be able to hedge their yield farming bets. AlphaX is based on Uniswap and allows DeFi users to interact with devices via a pleasant user interface. DeFi customers can utilize AlphaX to take both long and short positions.

Because it is a non-custodial platform, users do not need to go through a KYC procedure to begin utilizing AlphaX. For beginner traders, a significant user segment that Alpha Finance Lab hopes to target with AlphaX, the notion of perpetual transactions is a little complex.

AlphaX combines financing rates and prices to simplify perpetual swaps. Users won't have to memorize the tariffs this way. The rates are automatically changed by taking into account the underlying asset's price. As a result, neither short nor long traders must constantly finance their positions.

The combination of AlphaX and Alpha Homora is an excellent illustration of synergy amongst Alpha Finance Lab's DeFi solutions. You can enhance your profits by using Alpha Homora. Whereas with AlphaX, you can reduce your risks.

ALPHA Coin Price

Why Should You Buy Alpha Venture DAO?

Alpha Finance Lab - Exciting Growth Prospects

DeFi is the crypto world's fastest-growing category. However, difficulties endemic in the DeFi sector function as shackles, preventing it from reaching its full potential. That is where a project like Alpha Finance Lab may help. Alpha Finance Lab's unique and creative solutions will assist bring new consumers into the fold of DeFi apps. As a result, with the expanding market for DeFi solutions, Alpha Finance Lab will become even more prominent in the DeFi field. This vision contributes to the value of ALPHA coins and makes it interesting for investors to invest in them.

Alpha Finance Lab Storage (ALPHA)

If you intend to make a significant investment in ALPHA value or HODL this cryptocurrency for an extended length of time, a hardware wallet is the ideal solution. Hardware wallets keep your cryptocurrency offline, in what is known as "cold storage." This technique makes it hard for cybercriminals to gain access to your assets. Alpha Finance Lab is supported by both the Ledger Nano S and the more powerful Ledger Nano X.

More detail on Alpha available on its Whitepaper.

Alpha Venture DAO Use Case

There are three applications for ALPHA. The first use is in the governance of Alpha Finance Laboratories, where each token holder will have a number of votes equal to the amount of ALPHA tokens they possess. They have the ability to vote on critical parts of Alpha Finance Lab's products. A utility token is the second use case. Token holders will be able to earn staking incentives by staking or a part of network fees by providing liquidity. Users may also access extra functionality on Alpha Finance Lab products with ALPHA tokens, which is the third use case.

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Team & Organization
  • Tascha Punyaneramitdee
  • The Spartan Group
  • Multicoin Capital
  • DeFiance Capital
  • Delphi Ventures

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Jan 15, 2023$0.10793$0.11029$0.10413$0.10517$7,393,136$80,938,247
Jan 14, 2023$0.10519$0.11014$0.099917$0.10824$12,248,695$79,193,785
Jan 13, 2023$0.092737$0.10731$0.092737$0.10684$3,570,754$71,432,496
Jan 12, 2023$0.091837$0.092949$0.090813$0.091683$5,861,877$68,411,283
Jan 11, 2023$0.083847$0.093530$0.083648$0.092394$2,544,609$64,538,434
Jan 10, 2023$0.084893$0.084893$0.080775$0.082450$2,827,591$63,009,132
Jan 9, 2023$0.083985$0.085015$0.082410$0.084910$5,244,773$62,527,897
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