ANKR Coin Price


ANKR Coin Price

24h High$0.024518
24h Low$0.022318
Market Cap$194,873,917
24h Volume$45,897,857+96.24%
Circulating Supply
8,162,899,377 ANKR82%
Total Supply10,000,000,000
Max Supply10,000,000,000

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ANKR Coin Price

24H Low$0.022318
24H High$0.024518

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What is Ankr (ANKR) ?

Ankr was created in 2017 by CEO Chandler Song, who envisioned a simple platform for the development of Web3, often known as the decentralized internet. Ankr is a blockchain-based cross-chain infrastructure with a DeFi platform that facilitates Dapps creation and staking. It hosts a number of protocols important to the development of Dapps and the DeFi industry. ANKR is available for trade on several prominent platforms, includingArken,and the ANKR coin price can be tracked on those markets.

ANKR is an Ethereum token that drives Ankr, a Web3 infrastructure, and cross-chain-staking DeFi platform that promises to make it simple and inexpensive for anybody to engage in blockchain ecosystems through the development of Dapps, hosting nodes, or staking. The ANKR token may be used to pay for Amkr platform services such as node deployment and API services, engage in on-chain governance, and function as insurance for network participants.

Ankr was conceived and developed with the idea of a new internet based on distributed ledger technology, with decentralized, more private, and secure apps, protocols, and systems for users. The basic concept is to eliminate the need for central authority and middlemen by granting users and network participants ownership and control over data and applications. To learn more about Ankr roadmap 2021 and future roadmap, check out its Whitepaper.

Following the release of the Ankr mainnet in 2019, the Ankr project 's development team released a staking protocol called Stkr. Users can stake Ethereum (ETH) in exchange for aETH, which reflects future profits on the deposited staking amount. This is how network players get compensated for staking using the Stkr protocol. Users may also install development nodes to construct Dapps on the network or deploy staking nodes to reap the benefits of becoming ANKR Web3 stakers.

ANKR Coin Price

ANKR Coin Price is trading at $0.095547 as of 19 August 2021. Its peak value is dated back on March 27th at $0.1943. You can check out ANKR coin chart live price on ARKEN.

ANKR Coin address (BSC): 0xf307910a4c7bbc79691fd374889b36d8531b08e3
ANKR Coin address (Ethereum): 0x8290333cef9e6d528dd5618fb97a76f268f3edd4

ANKR Functions

Ankr is a worldwide dispersed corporation whose aim is to create and develop the next-generation decentralized internet. To achieve decentralization of applications and staking nodes and support the Web3 infrastructure, Ankr collects data resources supported by DLT and distributes them to stakers and developers through data centers at lower costs, allowing developers and stakers to easily create and deploy Dapps and stake their balances.

The Stkr protocol, which was introduced in 2020 and enables ETH staking in exchange for aETH, supports ANKR staking. The latter reflects the value of staked ETH plus projected profits on the staking balance, resulting in a system with high liquidity for Ethereum 2.0 future stakers.

ANKR is the network 's native token and offers a variety of utilities, including payments and access to network-deployed apps, staking, and voting on governance proposals. As part of its work on the creation of Web3, the more private and secure decentralized internet, ANKR intends to enable more blockchain protocols.

ANKR Token

This is a native token for the Ankr network. It is a token based on the Ethereum blockchain that supports or adds value to the Ankr network. It aids with payments such as node deployment and may be used as an incentive for platform members.

During the “crypto-winter,”the ANKR team issued the coin (ICO) between September 16th and 22nd, 2018. Within six days, the initiative was able to generate a total of USD 18.7 million. The majority of this money came from the private sale, while the public auction brought approximately USD 2.75 million.

During the initial coin offering, these tokens were distributed at a unit price of USD 0.0066 for the public sale and USD 0.0033 for the private sale, respectively. Only around 3.5 billion tokens out of a total of 10 billion were made available for purchase.

The ANKR Community

The Ankr network lacks a robust community of members to support the initiative. Since its inception roughly a year ago, it had an exceedingly small ANKR sub-Reddit with only 4 postings and 17 readers. There is also a secret sub-Reddit that may only be accessed by invitation.

The sub-Reddit does not appear to be handled by the official Ankr team. The Ankr private sub-Reddit may be the primary official Reddit. The question today is how helpful a private sub-Reddit is to its community. In addition to the Ankr network, the Ankr team maintains a Kakao talk channel and a Wechat account. However, no one knows the extent of these settlements. Users appear to lose interest when the hardware forces them to become nodes and benefit from network security.

ANKR Coin Price

Why Should You Buy Ankr?

Is ANKR Worth Investing In?

ANKR has a total market value of $23 million, ranking it 98th among cryptocurrencies. The ANKR coin offers the blockchain node with military-grade security and efficiency. There are three types of ANKR. There is the ANKR currency, which is built on the blockchain. Another version is included in ERC-20, and the third is known as BEP-2. These various versions of ANKR allow investors to purchase cryptocurrency in a familiar format.

Because ANKR has a fixed supply, many people feel it is a worthwhile investment. According to ANKR 's design, the token 's supply will never exceed 10,000,000,000. The idea is that once the token 's supply hits this limit, it will become uncommon and valuable. Because no new ANKR tokens will be issued, individuals who already own the token will benefit from higher returns as the price rises.

As of press time, there are 10 billion ANKR tokens in circulation, indicating that the supply maximum has already been reached

Ankr Use Case

ANKR is a utility token with several applications. It may be used for ANKR staking, voting on governance proposals, and as a payment method for Ankr network services like Dapps and protocol implementation. ANKR is also used to reward stakeholders and network members. The token may be sold on the crypto market, but its primary function is to power the Ankr ecosystem.

Proof of Stake for ANKR

ANKR is not a mineable coin in the conventional sense, however it presently uses the Ethereum network 's Proof of Work algorithm. ANKR is supporting Ethereum through staking as Ethereum develops Ethereum 2.0 and moves from Proof of Work to the more cost-effective Proof of Stake.

ANKR tokens may be staked on the network, while the staking protocol Stkr, as previously noted, allows for the staking of ETH in exchange for aETH. Stkr is a Proof of Stake cryptocurrency that depicts the market for computing power and storage. Staking ETH and ANKR on the Stkr protocol allows users to profit from the validity of the staking.

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Team & Organization
  • Chandler Song
  • Ryan Fang
  • Stanley Wu
  • NEO Global Capital (NGC)
  • JD Capital
  • JLAB | JD capital
  • BlockVC
  • DHVC
  • Mapleblock Capital
  • Link VC
  • OK Blockchain Capital
  • Pantera Capital
  • Ryan Fang

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Historical Data for ANKR Coin Price

VolumeMarket Cap
Jan 15, 2023$0.023061$0.024762$0.022532$0.023003$24,864,630$188,302,016
Jan 14, 2023$0.022839$0.023412$0.022145$0.023019$63,411,095$188,311,005
Jan 13, 2023$0.021653$0.024318$0.021653$0.023020$86,743,670$178,212,714
Jan 12, 2023$0.020153$0.022993$0.020153$0.021612$27,618,221$166,648,624
Jan 11, 2023$0.019414$0.020060$0.019012$0.019866$16,270,286$160,607,238
Jan 10, 2023$0.020199$0.020406$0.019082$0.019350$39,501,671$165,627,345
Jan 9, 2023$0.021092$0.021092$0.019987$0.020120$118,065,933$165,866,733
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