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BakerySwap BAKE

Bake Coin Price

24h High$0.19571
24h Low$0.18928
Market Cap$37,524,347
24h Volume$4,424,557-55.76%
Circulating Supply
192,464,024 BAKE69%
Total Supply277,237,400
Max Supply277,237,400

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Bake Coin Price

24H Low$0.18928
24H High$0.19571

What is BakerySwap (BAKE) ?

BakeryToken (BAKE), which was launched in September 2020, is a component of the BakerySwap ecosystem. Liquidity providers are rewarded with BAKE tokens, which may be used to earn a percentage of BakerySwap's trading fees and vote in BakerySwap's governance process. More on BAKE coin price will be mentioned later in this article.

BakerySwap is a decentralized automated market-making (AMM) system built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and was audited by Certik. The BAKE coin is a native BEP-20 governance token on the network, and this is what determines BAKE coin price in the market and attracts investors. Users may acquire BAKE tokens by providing liquidity on BakerySwap, and BAKE holders can utilize their tokens for governance voting and transaction fee distributions. BAKE payouts are originally available in a variety of liquidity pools, including BTC, ETH, DOT, LINK, BUSD, and BAKE against BNB.

BAKE Coin Price

You can track current Bakery Token prices in real-time with charts, liquidity, and volume here, on ARKEN. Many institutions predicted that the BAKE coin price will keep increasing in future.

Bakery Token Address (BSC): 0xe02df9e3e622debdd69fb838bb799e3f168902c5

Who Are BakeryToken's Founders?

BakeryToken was created by an anonymous group of developers that believe in the future of decentralized autonomous enterprises (DAOs).

What Distinguishes BakeryToken?

BakerySwap operates on the Binance Smart Chain. The BAKE-BNB pool is anticipated to give 10 times the benefits of comparable pools.

BakerySwap, a Binance Smart Chain-based AMM, provides liquidity pools for cryptocurrencies like as LINK, DOT, and others. It operates through initial liquidity pools. BakerySwap features two sorts of liquidity pools: those with BAKE incentives and those without. This is done to ease the community's establishment of additional liquidity pools.

BAKE prizes will be available only in specific pools. The reward multiplier for each will differ depending on the value they give to BAKE holders. BakerySwap charges a 0.30 percent fee of BAKE on all swaps and transactions, with 0.25 percent going to liquidity providers.

The liquidity providers are subsequently issued liquidity pool tokens that reflect their portion of each pool. They can receive a percentage of the fees earned in the pools when eliminating liquidity using these tokens. Liquidity providers can then stake Bakery LP tokens to farm BAKE token payouts.

How Is the BakeryToken Network Safe?

The BakeryToken network is protected by real-time security monitors and intelligence tools. It features on-chain monitoring and passes several security tests.

Other Characteristics

So far, we've covered the essential features of BakerySwap. But it isn't the entire picture! You can also experiment with other, more distinctive characteristics.

One of them is the NFT Supermarket, where you may buy non-fungible tokens with your BAKE investment at your chosen BAKE price. Consider them to be your one-of-a-kind blockchain pets.

The BakerySwap Launchpad is another one-of-a-kind feature. It is a location where you may gain access to freshly announced projects on BSC. However, unlike Binance Launchpad, they are not "regular" tokens; rather, they are NFTs!

The first Initial Dex Offering (IDO) was for Fighting Pets, a blockchain-based pet battle game in which users may breed, exchange, and battle NFT pets on the Binance Smart Chain. Follow their official Twitter account for any updates in the upcoming future!

The BakerySwap NFT Combo Pool

BakerySwap also allows you to create unique dishes known as NFT Combos. These need the use of BAKE as well as a dash of chance. The more BAKE you commit, the higher tier NFT Combo you can generate. These give you more and more Staking Power, allowing you to make even more BAKE while farming with your BLP tokens. A guide for constructing NFT Combos may be found here.

You can deconstruct them at any moment and get back 90% of the BAKE that you locked to make them. However, at the time of writing, all NFT Combos had been sold out. It appears that sincere bakers are fast adding them to their baking arsenal.

There are four types of NFT Combos, each needing a different quantity of BAKE.
Basic: 10,000–20,000 BAKE
Regular: 20,000–50,000 BAKE
Luxury: 50,000–100,000 BAKE
Supreme: Above 100,000 BAKE

Remember that the Staking Power you receive for each is unique. It is determined by the quantity of BAKE you have committed and a random multiplier. As a result, the more BAKE you lock in, the bigger its potential Staking Power will be.

Bake Coin Price

Why Should You Buy BakerySwap?

The BakerySwap Exchange

BakerySwap is one of the first projects that use BSC to create an AMM DEX. It is also one of the few DeFi projects on the Binance Smart Chain that provide cryptocurrency liquidity pools.

There is no order book, as there is on other platforms that use the AMM approach to match buyers and vendors. Instead, consumers trade against a liquidity pool. The assets in each pool are supplied by BakerySwap supporters and users.

Users that add liquidity to these pools are compensated with liquidity provider (LP) tokens based on their portion of the pool. They can then change these LP tokens back to the original tokens they gave. The amount received is also determined by their part in the pool. They receive trading commissions in exchange for providing liquidity.

Farming BAKE

The native coin is named BAKE, as one might expect from a platform called BakerySwap. How do you acquire it? You may farm it by staking BAKE or by providing liquidity to one of the pools and then staking your liquidity pool tokens (BLP).

For example, if you offer liquidity to the DOT-BNB pool, you will earn DOT-BNB BLP tokens. You may then use these BLP tokens to cultivate BAKE. It is also feasible to buy BAKE coin on the open market rather than growing it. Let's go deeper.

BakerySwap Liquidity Pools

Stakeholders of the BAKE token may browse bakery-themed meals on BakerySwap. If you choose Bread, you can stake BAKE to earn additional BAKE. Alternatively, you can stake the appropriate BLP tokens in pools of baked products such as Doughnut, Waffle, Rolls, Croissant, and so on. It is important to note that the potential ROI for each choice varies.

The following BEP20 liquidity pools are supported as of November 2020: Bread: Stake BAKE to earn BAKE Doughnut: Stake BAKE-BNB BLP to earn BAKE Waffle: Stake BAKE-BUSD BLP to get BAKE Rolls: Stake BUSD-BNB BLP to earn BAKE Croissant: Stake BAKE-DOT BLP to get BAKE Latte: Stake USDT-BUSD BLP to earn BAKE Toast: Stake ETH-BNB BLP to earn BAKE Cake: Stake BTC-BNB BLP to earn BAKE

However, even with the benefits of it, more understanding should be achieved before investing in BAKE. Learn more about it here.

BakerySwap Use Case

As previously stated, the key use case for BAKE tokens is for voting on BakerySwap protocol governance decisions. Apart from that here is the summary of the use cases of the token that are used for different purposes.

  • Propose and vote on system changes.
  • As a means of trading NFT.
  • Staking and Farming to receive rewards.
  • Join other features like Gamification and Launchpad.

    Bread, for example, is a platform option that allows you to stake BAKE tokens and receive BAKE tokens in return. There are several additional staking options accessible on the site that result in the accumulation of BAKE tokens. Among them are:

    Doughnut: Bet BAKE-BNB BLP to win BAKE.
    Waffle: Bet BAKE-BUSD BLP to win BAKE.
    Rolls: Bet BUSD-BNB BLP to win BAKE.
    Croissant: To earn BAKE, stake BAKE-DOT BLP.
    Latte: Make a USDT-BUSD BLP bet to earn BAKE.
    Toast: To earn BAKE, stake ETH-BNB BLP.
    Cake: Earn BAKE by staking BTC-BNB BLP.

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