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Basic Attention BAT

BAT Coin Price

24h High$0.23446
24h Low$0.22416
Market Cap$342,314,664
24h Volume$27,483,067-9.22%
Circulating Supply
1,490,121,294 BAT99%
Total Supply1,500,000,000
Max Supply1,500,000,000

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BAT Coin Price

24H Low$0.22416
24H High$0.23446

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What is Basic Attention (BAT) ?

The Basic Attention Token (BAT)is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that seeks to transform the $330 billion digital advertising business by establishing a blockchain-based digital advertising market that removes the possibility of fraud. Basic Attention Token is able to provide an advertising experience that is both transparent and decentralized, benefiting both clients and consumers; as a result, the BAT Coin Price is influenced and controlled by this reality.

The Brave Browser, created by the same team that created the token, links publishers, marketers, and users in a mutually beneficial system. The Basic Attention Token is the system 's reward unit, providing greater revenue for publishers and less expensive consumer attention for advertisers, while viewers benefit from enhanced relevance and tighter privacy, as well as a share of the tokens spent by advertisers. Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, invented the Basic Attention Token (BAT) in an effort to enhance the security, fairness, and effectiveness of digital advertising through the use of blockchain technology. It is the Brave web browser 's native coin and is built on Ethereum. BAT 's white paper was published on 7 January 2018, and the project is still in development. Here is the latest BAT whitepaper. However, a beta version of the Brave browser is available for download.

Companies have explored new methods to apply this revolutionary technology to traditional problems and challenges, such as online surfing and web-based advertising, as blockchain and digital currencies continue to expand.

BAT Coin Price

BAT Coin Price on 19 August 2021 is at $0.7323. It has been on a slight downward trend since 16 August, however, considering the whole month trend and the long-term BAT token price, it is still considered on its upward hill. For BAT coin chart and price, you can check out ARKEN.

BAT address (BSC): 0x101d82428437127bf1608f699cd651e6abf9766e
BAT address (Polygon): 0x3cef98bb43d732e2f285ee605a8158cde967d219
BAT address (Ethereum): 0x0d8775f648430679a709e98d2b0cb6250d2887ef

Basic Attention Token Functions

Brave is an open-source privacy-focused browser that, by default, eliminates all unwanted advertisements and trackers using Brave Shields. It also uses an in-built ledger system to anonymously monitor user attentiveness in order to enhance the advertising experience for users. This is accomplished by calculating the period of time an advertisement is shown to a user as well as the number of pixels visible to them. Brave uses on-device machine learning to match content with advertisers who are really relevant, while feedback mechanisms guarantee that consumers receive advertising for items, they are most likely to buy. All of this data is encrypted and saved exclusively on the device, and Brave safeguards its users 'identities.

Anyone who uses the browser may use the Brave Ads function to get compensated in Basic Attention Token for the time they spend viewing advertising. They may also enable the Brave Rewards feature, which will automatically split their monthly BAT token donation across the sites they visit based on the amount of time spent on each. Users may also tip their favorite content producers directly through the browser 's reward panel or by clicking the tip button next to the URL bar on sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.

Basic Attention Token Uniqueness

Brave distinguishes itself from other browsers with its shields and ledger system for tracking user attention. It also loads websites quicker than its competitors since it blocks advertising and trackers.

The Basic Attention Token establishes a new efficient marketplace and is distinguished by the innovative opportunities it provides to advertisers seeking to reach valuable customers –all while providing users with a share of ad revenue and the ability to directly tip their favorite content creators. Although there are other products with similar aims, Basic Attention Token has had by far the most success, with over 1 million verified content producers, including Wikipedia, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and 50 Cent, enrolling for BAT incentives.

How Many Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) Are in Circulation?

The Basic Attention Token has a total quantity of 1.5 billion BAT tokens, virtually all of which are presently in use. During the 2017 ICO, 1 billion BAT tokens were sold to investors. 200 million of the remaining tokens were allocated to a development pool, while the remaining 300 million BAT coins were set aside for a user growth pool. The tokens in the user growth pool were designed to promote BAT ecosystem engagement and reward early adopters. After the user growth funds have been depleted, no new tokens will be generated. Earn one of your BAT today withour platform.

BAT Coin Price

Why Should You Buy Basic Attention?

Basic Attention Token Values

What is BAT coin? The value of the Basic Attention Token stems from its utility as a unit of trade in an efficient economy. It may be a significant source of revenue for content providers as well as a method of funding effective ad campaigns for marketers. As more people choose Brave 's browsing experience, more advertisers will want to join the BAT ecosystem, necessitating the purchase of the Basic Attention Token. This might lead to an increase in the BAT crypto price and market capitalization of Basic Attention Token in the future. Furthermore, because the BAT token supply is restricted, payments in tiny amounts can be made for a long time.

Basic Attention Token Mining

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is an ERC-20 token created on the Ethereum blockchain and protected by a proof of work consensus method supported by the Ethereum mining network. This guarantees that Basic Attention Token transactions are legitimate and permanent.

Basic Attention Use Case

Advertisers must commit to spending at least $2,500 per month at the time of writing in order to begin an ad campaign, which must be paid in Basic Attention Token (BAT). The income is split between content authors and users, who can then pay creators via auto-contribution or direct tips. Earned BAT awards can be exchanged in the Rewards Marketplace for gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and charitable donations.

Because Basic Attention Token can be traded directly on the Ethereum blockchain, it has applications outside of the BAT ecosystem. These include lending, derivatives, and liquidity pools using DeFi protocols such as Compound and Aave; purchasing items from the Brave Swag Store; and participating in blockchain gaming for events and NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Of course, BAT can be exchanged on a variety of cryptocurrency exchanges, includingARKEN.

Team & Organization
  • Brendan Eich
  • Brian Bondy
  • Fundamental Labs
  • Genesis One Capital
  • All Blue Capital
  • Henok Tekle
  • Alexis Berthoud

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Historical Data for BAT Coin Price

VolumeMarket Cap
Jan 15, 2023$0.23648$0.23972$0.22630$0.22916$43,932,618$348,598,392
Jan 14, 2023$0.22483$0.23264$0.22389$0.23209$67,418,473$338,878,877
Jan 13, 2023$0.21019$0.23849$0.21019$0.22577$33,317,189$319,778,863
Jan 12, 2023$0.20743$0.20851$0.20349$0.20851$32,422,685$307,368,064
Jan 11, 2023$0.19659$0.20511$0.19608$0.20485$22,203,083$300,571,081
Jan 10, 2023$0.19752$0.19820$0.19116$0.19413$26,096,803$294,192,558
Jan 9, 2023$0.19805$0.20017$0.19500$0.19724$33,952,705$296,277,249
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