SUSHI Coin Price


SUSHI Coin Price

24h High$1.41000
24h Low$1.34000
Market Cap$261,648,250
24h Volume$61,727,381-27.22%
Circulating Supply
192,789,255 SUSHI77%
Total Supply246,117,114
Max Supply250,000,000

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SUSHI Coin Price

24H Low$1.34000
24H High$1.41000

Trading on ARKEN

What is Sushi (SUSHI) ?

SUSHI token is the SushiSwap exchange 's native token. People may earn money by staking their different crypto assets in liquidity pools, as we 've seen. If you want to purchase SUSHI, you may do it through a variety of standard and decentralized exchanges. SUSHI coin gives you the ability to vote on SushiSwap governance choices. You can vote on ideas that aim to enhance the operation of the exchange and its ecosystem. SUSHI coin is listed in several leading exchanges nowadays, and SUSHI coin price and SUSHI coin chart can be monitored on Arken.

Anyone may submit a proposal for a vote, but there is one essential proviso. While anybody with a SUSHI coin can vote, the votes are only advisory and not binding. This means that the decisions taken by the electorate must be approved by those elected by coin holders.

SushiSwap plans to become a “decentralized autonomous organization” (DAO), which means that votes will be binding and changes will be executed using smart contracts and automated software. SushiSwap does not appear to implement Know Your Customer (KYC) checks, which may be cause for worry. While this may appear to be good news at first sight (it means you may potentially sign in and go), it may raise red flags. Due to the lack of a KYC procedure, it may be simpler for fraudsters and money launderers to utilize SushiSwap. If something as important as KYC is lacking, there may be additional areas of supervision that need to be addressed within the SushiSwap organization. To see any SUSHI coin news today, follow their Twitter!

SUSHI Coin Price

SUSHI token chart can be found on ARKEN Finance with its current price as of 18 August 2021 at $12.6529 for trading. Other SUSHI coin prices on other platforms might be different as per their price mechanism.

SUSHI token address (BSC): 0x947950bcc74888a40ffa2593c5798f11fc9124c4
SUSHI token address (Polygon): 0x0b3f868e0be5597d5db7feb59e1cadbb0fdda50a
SUSHI token address (ETH): 0x6b3595068778dd592e39a122f4f5a5cf09c90fe2


SushiSwap is an Ethereum-based program that aims to incentivise a network of users to run a marketplace where users may buy and trade crypto assets. SushiSwap, like platforms like Uniswap and Balancer, achieves this aim through a collection of liquidity pools. Users first place assets in smart contracts, after which dealers buy and sell cryptocurrencies from such pools, exchanging one token for another.

SushiSwap, one of an increasing number of DeFi platforms, allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies without the requirement for a central operator administrator. This implies that SushiSwap software choices are decided by holders of its own coin, SUSHI. Anyone with a balance in the asset can make modifications to how it functions and vote on other users' suggestions. Users who want to remain up to speed on the current development status of SushiSwap can visit its official blog.

SushiSwap's primary goal is to mimic a regular exchange by enabling the purchase and sale of various crypto assets between users. Rather than being sponsored by a single company, tokens exchanged on SushiSwap are managed by smart contracts, and users lock crypto on the program, which traders may then access. It is worth noting that individuals who trade against locked assets pay a charge, which is subsequently paid evenly to all liquidity providers depending on their contribution to the pool.

SushiSwap Farming

By linking their Ethereum wallet to the SushiSwap farming software and locking two assets into a smart contract, liquidity providers contribute to SushiSwap pools. SushiSwap's USDT/ETH liquidity pool, for example, is made up of deposits in equal amounts of USDT and ETH. Buyers can then exchange tokens within the pool according to the protocol's regulations. SushiSwap smart contracts take the number of tokens from the buyer and transfer an equal number of tokens back, keeping the overall pool price constant. Providers are compensated with protocol fees as well as a share of the 100 freshly created SUSHI each day in return for maintaining liquidity in these pools.

Providers may retrieve their cash as well as their "harvest," which is the bitcoin generated via farming, at any time. Users who want to earn additional cryptocurrency after harvesting their SUSHI may utilize the SushiBAR app, which allows users to stake their SUSHI to earn the xSUSHI token, which is made up of SUSHI tokens purchased on the open market and a percentage of all exchange costs.

SushiSwap SushiBAR (Stake)

SushiSwap's SushiBAR is where you may wager your SUSHI tokens in order to gain additional SUSHI tokens. If you're wondering where these benefits come from, consider the 0.05 percent transaction charge mentioned previously. SushiBAR receives 0.05 percent of all trading fees on SushiSwap in the form of SLP tokens. The rewards contract can be invoked at least once every 24 hours, which liquidates all SLP tokens in the SushiBAR pool in return for automatically buying SUSHI tokens on the SushiSwap Exchange. These tokens are subsequently issued in the form of xSUSHI tokens to all users staking SUSHI tokens in the SushiBAR, which may be converted into normal SUSHI tokens in the SushiBAR.


SUSHI Token is an ERC-20 token provided to liquidity providers (LPs) on the SushiSwap decentralized exchange (DEX). It is obtained by supplying liquidity to SushiSwap pools or by staking in exchange for SLP tokens, which are used to regulate the system. The currency was created to reward early adopters of the protocol by allowing them to continue receiving a portion of SushiSwap's fees even after they had stopped supplying liquidity to the pools. This may be accomplished by staking SUSHI to earn additional SUSHI on SushiSwap's SushiBAR.

SUSHI Coin Price

Why Should You Buy Sushi?

What Makes SushiSwap Unique

SushiSwap, as an automated market maker (AMM), distinguishes itself from typical decentralized exchanges by eliminating order books while avoiding liquidity concerns. Although there are many parallels between SushiSwap and its parent company, AMM Uniswap, and others, SushiSwap has made several significant modifications to maximize the effect network participants may have on its future. Some Uniswap users were dissatisfied with what they perceived to be low liquidity provider costs. There was also criticism of the platform's participation of venture capitalists and the lack of decentralization in UniSwap's administration.

The introduction of the SUSHI token was the major innovation of SushiSwap. LPs are rewarded in SUSHI, however unlike Uniswap, SUSHI tokens entitle holders to a share of fees long after they have stopped actively providing liquidity. Furthermore, the cryptocurrency addresses Uniswap's decentralization issue by granting governance powers to SUSHI holders. In a similar vein, SushiSwap used a “fair launch” distribution strategy, which meant there was no token allocation for venture capitalists.

What Makes SushiSwap Valuable?

The value of SUSHI is derived from the access to governance rights and the ongoing benefits that it provides to investors. Anyone can submit a request to modify the SushiSwap ecosystem, but users must have SUSHI in order to vote. Although voting contracts on SushiSwap are presently non-binding, users aim to transform the platform's governance into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This would make the votes binding, and the outcome would be executed automatically using smart contracts.

Unlike some other DeFi initiatives, such as, SUSHI was built with no maximum supply, which means that the SushiSwap price and market cap were not driven by scarcity. As the supply of tokens increases, the market becomes more diluted, which is expected to have a negative influence on the SUSHI token price. SushiSwap, on the other hand, must acquire SUSHI to give 0.05 percent of trade volume to SUSHI holders. If the trading volume is large enough, this provides market purchase pressure that can counterbalance inflation and keep the SushiSwap price stable.

SUSHI holders decided in September 2020 to alter the SUSHI emission timetable and impose a maximum supply. These modifications, as well as the capacity to make additional enhancements, which might influence the protocol's future earning potential, could eventually boost demand for the token and drive up the SUSHI price and market value.

Sushi Use Case

SushiSwap allows anyone to exchange bitcoin assets by simply linking their wallet to the exchange. Users may also offer liquidity to SushiSwap's pools and withdraw their cash or winnings at any moment with their SLP tokens once linked - all while earning SUSHI for their involvement. The SUSHI's purpose in regulating the protocol is perhaps its most important use case (apart from the eternal rewards it gives). Users can make suggestions in the forum, discuss them, and then vote on them using the SushiSwap Snapshot voting system.

Buy SUSHI coin and trade your SUSHI today, on ARKEN Finance.

Team & Organization
  • Anonymous founder known as "Chef Nomi"

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Historical Data for SUSHI Coin Price

VolumeMarket Cap
Nov 30, 2022$1.42000$1.47000$1.37000$1.37000$96,065,086$285,011,977
Nov 29, 2022$1.40000$1.44000$1.38000$1.41000$108,468,208$267,815,061
Nov 28, 2022$1.31000$1.40000$1.31000$1.40000$151,550,301$258,122,307
Nov 27, 2022$1.29000$1.37000$1.24000$1.32000$103,480,704$244,855,117
Nov 26, 2022$1.18000$1.31000$1.18000$1.30000$50,760,782$229,415,781
Nov 25, 2022$1.17000$1.21000$1.17000$1.18000$42,495,817$226,513,985
Nov 24, 2022$1.18000$1.18000$1.15000$1.17000$44,529,292$225,339,932
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