DeFi Abstraction Layer
for Multi-chain Future

Arken Finance abstracts DeFi complexity, enabling developers to create applications and helping traders or users navigate across multi-chain with ease and efficiency

The Future is Multi-chain
We are here to help bring them together

As the number of users, use cases, and transactions grow, more chains with diverse technology are inevitable. This increases the complexity of software development and user experience. To simplify these, Arken developed Abstraction Layers on L1, L2, and protocol layers.

The Technology Abstraction Layer handles protocol and chain incompatibility, while the User Experience Abstraction Layer unifies the user experience across multiple chains and dApps, creating powerful tools and accelerating multi-chain growth.

User Experience Abstraction For Traders

Multi-chain Trading Portal with Next-level Tools

Navigating across multi-chain, protocols, and millions of liquidity pools with Arken's powerful trading portal. From multi-chain token search, see the price charts, to best rate swap, place limit order, stop-limit, and many more - all in one interface, same experience across every chain.

Discover Opportunities in Market

Make the most of our real-time cryptocurrency analytics and insights.

Get The Best Price Across 1.4M+ Pools

Save more on every swap through our real-time route optimization engine.

Limit Order & Stop Limit

Set conditional orders on DeFi with Arken’s automated infrastructure to take profits and protect losses fast and safe.

Real-Time & Precise Price Data

Gain control over your trades and confidently react to market movements with our real-time, accurate token price charts.

Liquidity Pools
Tokens Historical Price & Swap
Routes to optimize

Infrastructure Abstraction For Fund Managers

DeFi Infrastructure
for Private Funds

Self-Custody & Security

Empower investors’ full control over their assets, trace all activities, and secure them on the blockchain. Only investors can withdraw their own funds.

Breakthrough DeFi Limitations

Managing funds in DeFi may be challenging (lack of comprehensive trading tools, technical integration barriers, scattered liquidity, etc.) Arken overcomes these barriers for you.


For Developers

Decentralized, Unified

Revert Time
Response Time

Price API

Get an accurate historical price data of any token at any point in time via the fastest indexing engine.

Swap Engine API

Swap any token at the best rate. Swap Engine API scans & searches through millions of pools and possible swap routes in milliseconds. Our API simplifies different DEX APIs into one, across multiple networks.

Insider API

Level up your market insights with insider API. We can provide various market data such as 24-hr stats, trading volumes, etc.


curl' --header 'X-API-Username: arken' --header 'X-API-Token: XXXXXXXX


  "price": 1576.6443798

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All-in-One DeFi Infrastructure for Private Fund

Are you handling and managing non-retail funds? Our DeFi investment infrastructure is for you.

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Whether you are building or developing a project, get access to all liquidity and market insights with our APIs.


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