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What is arken.finance?

We are a DEX aggregator combining all trustworthy DEXs in the market with the best rate offering and level up your trading experience with greater returns.

Why is trading with a tradingview awesome?

Unlike traditional DEXs, swapping without any visual trends and charts makes you lose the opportunity to trade at the right moment. As a consequence, you might end up buying at an unfavorable price.

Is it safe here at arken.finance?

Yes. Only well-known and widely used DEXs are selected to be in our ecosystem. Our trading algorithm is already proven and tested by many users.

How does arken.finance offer the best rate?

We are exponentially expanding in order to integrate all of the most popular DEXs into our platform. With our blazing fast algorithm, it can provide you with the best rate for every transaction. Your transaction will also optimised for gas efficiency too, not only the best route for swap. Try it now!

How is arken.finance different from other DEX aggregators?

Arken.finance provides the most comprehensive tools to level up your trading experience, including 50 indicators you can use with exceptional features like price alert and comprehensive place order section. We also have all coins in the market with the best rate swap too.

Is it costly to trade with arken.finance aggregation protocol?

Our best rate can provide you 2x opportunity while charging you only 0.1%.

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